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Thanks to all who participated in the 2024 Ocean State Homebrew Competition.

There were 484 entries judged and 227 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stMatt PaivaSlap Bump2B: International Amber Lager
2ndFernando Garcia-PoliteSour Bump29A: Fruit BeerBoston Wort Processors
3rdPeder JohnsenLittle Piwo27A5: Piwo GrodziskieThe Brü Club
HMNicholas GrinerBDSM26D: Belgian Dark Strong AleMerrimack Valley Homebrew Club

Best of Show – Cider

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stDaniel KukukLe VoyageurC1C: French CiderMotor City Mashers
2ndKevin WojdakCool Runnings '22 ...Nice Recovery!C2D: Ice CiderUrban Knaves of Grain
3rdBill BoyerFruit Du Dragon RoseC2B: Cider with Other FruitNorth Georgia Malt Monkeys

Best of Show – Mead

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stBill BoyerBook Of Armaments 2024M1B: Semi-Sweet MeadNorth Georgia Malt Monkeys
2ndBill BoyerI Heard Nathan Steigman Likes Polish MeadsM4B: Historical MeadNorth Georgia Malt Monkeys
3rdBill BoyerSwamp Castle - PetillantM2B: PymentNorth Georgia Malt Monkeys
HMDavid PageGinger Lemon MeadM3A: Fruit and Spice Mead

Winning Entries

Table 1: 01 Standard American Lagers (22 entries)

1stTrevor VarnerHome Plate1A: American Light Lager
2ndDwight Wilson MHPAlternatively Alternative1C: Cream AleO-Town Hop Heads
3rdAndy Cox MHPCream Ale1C: Cream AleUnderground Brewers of Connecticut
HMAaron Gallagher MHPBearded Dog Cream Ale1C: Cream AleSouth Shore Brew Club

Table 2: 02 International Lagers (8 entries)

1stMatt PaivaSlap Bump2B: International Amber Lager
2ndMike Shea MHPBroad Appeal2B: International Amber LagerNorth Shore Brewers
3rdTom Slonaker92 Barke Lager2B: International Amber LagerMerrimack Valley Homebrew Club

Table 3: 03 Czech Lagers (17 entries)

1stDaniel Jent MHPNo Frills Pils3A: Czech Pale LagerZymurgists of the Ozarks
2ndDavid Howell MHPCzech Amber Lager3C: Czech Amber LagerZymurgists of the Ozarks
3rdPhil GerardRhode Island Dark Lager3D: Czech Dark Lager
HMTimothy Pratt MHPCzechin' It!3C: Czech Amber LagerBrew Haven

Table 4: 04 Pale Malty European (11 entries)

1stAndy Cox MHPOaktoberfest 20244B: FestbierUnderground Brewers of Connecticut
2ndTimothy Wicklund MHPMuniched My Balls4A: Munich HellesKeepers of Craft
3rdPaul ZoccoMAIBOCK4C: Helles BockHop River Brewers
HMDirk Montgomery MHPHelles Belles4A: Munich HellesRed Earth Brewers

Table 5: 05 Pale Bitter European (15 entries)

1stRoss Stuart MHPGerman Pils5D: German PilsArizona Society of Homebrewers
2ndPaul Tagert MHPProst V15D: German PilsBattleground Brewers Guild
3rdKurt GreenHana Leichtbier5A: German LeichtbierBrewtubers
4thGuy GradyThe Leichtsaber5A: German LeichtbierCentral Arkansas Fermenters
HMDwight Wilson MHPSee You In Helles27A1: Kellerbier O-Town Hop Heads

Table 6: 06 Amber Malty European (9 entries)

1stStephen Schmitt MHPDeutschland Bock6C: Dunkels BockEvanston Homebrew Club
2ndMike SewardGood Beer6A: MärzenEast Bay Homebrew Club
3rdJoe D’Auria MHPSmoke Gets In Your Eyes6B: RauchbierMetro South Homebrew League (MASH HOLES)

Table 7: 07 Amber Bitter European (15 entries)

1stNate Cicoria
Co-Brewer: Alexander Shachook
The Altimate7B: AltbierMerrimack Valley Homebrew Club
2ndTom Slonaker91 Altbier7B: AltbierMerrimack Valley Homebrew Club
3rdMike GodetSlack Tide7A: Vienna Lager

Table 8: 08 Dark European Lager (13 entries)

1stPaul ZoccoMUNICH DUNKEL8A: Munich DunkelHop River Brewers
2ndLawrence Bolton MHPSchwarzbier8B: SchwarzbierBoneyard Union of Zymurgical Zealots (BUZZ)
3rdRoss Stuart MHPSchwarzbier8B: SchwarzbierArizona Society of Homebrewers

Table 9: 09 Strong European (10 entries)

1stLawrence Bolton MHPDoppelbock9A: Doppelbock Boneyard Union of Zymurgical Zealots (BUZZ)
2ndStephen WardTerminus Est9C: Baltic Porter
3rdBrian Stephens MHPBaltic Porter9C: Baltic PorterKeepers of Craft

Table 10: 10 Traditional Wheat and Rye (10 entries)

1stPeder Johnsen MHPLittle Piwo27A5: Piwo GrodziskieThe Brü Club
2ndStephen Schmitt MHPGrow-Jees-K'ya27A5: Piwo GrodziskieEvanston Homebrew Club
3rdMichael Rensing MHPJust Here For The Zipline10C: Weizenbock Cider, Homebrew, And Mead Production Specialists (CHAMPS)

Table 11: 11 British Bitters (9 entries)

1stBeth Schwartz MHPESBs Are Overrated- Ordinary Bitter11A: Ordinary BitterMiddlesex Malters
2ndDirk Montgomery MHPAngry Wet Hen11C: Strong BitterRed Earth Brewers
3rdMichael SantosThe Landlady11B: Best BitterPinellas Urban Brewers Guild

Table 12: 12 Pale Commonwealth Beers (14 entries)

1stWesley Kulcak MHPShepherd's Traditional IPA12C: English IPABay Area Mashtronauts
2ndDwight Wilson MHPKiwi JuiceLSX5: New Zealand PilsnerO-Town Hop Heads
3rdJeffrey Rocker MHPUnion Gold12A: British Golden Ale
HMNick & Heather Hartley MHPYou Had Me At Mink FarmerLSX5: New Zealand PilsnerRed Earth Brewers

Table 13: 13 Brown British Beer (15 entries)

1stJosh WordBritish Brown Ale13B: British Brown AleBay Area Mashtronauts
2ndJoan Olivero
Co-Brewer: Steve
I'm Your Taddy Porter13C: English Porter
3rdBrian Schwartz MHPEDM13A: Dark MildMiddlesex Malters

Table 14: 14 Scottish Ales (7 entries)

1stEric IsenbergScotty Doesn't Know14C: Scottish ExportRhode Island Fermentation Technicians (RIFT)
2ndEric IsenbergHe Ain't Heavy, He's My Crusher14B: Scottish HeavyRhode Island Fermentation Technicians (RIFT)
3rdDick WallaceMash Your Luck Basic Brewing Radio14C: Scottish ExportThe Brü Club

Table 15: 15 Irish Beer (19 entries)

1stTimothy Wicklund MHPBlended Goodness15B: Irish StoutKeepers of Craft
2ndCraig Matney MHP
Co-Brewer: Steve Matney
Middle Child Syndrome15A: Irish Red AleMotor City Mashers
3rdDirk Montgomery MHPOld Walking Stick15C: Irish Extra StoutRed Earth Brewers
HMStephen Schmitt MHPTom's Irish Red15A: Irish Red AleEvanston Homebrew Club

Table 16: 16 Dark British (Stouts) (7 entries)

1stKyle Ernsberger MHPFrom Ireland16A: Sweet Stout
2ndAaron PigorsCastlemoat Black16B: Oatmeal StoutIlliana Beer Rackers Union (IBRU)
3rdWilliam GreenOven-Mashed Stout16B: Oatmeal StoutQuiet Corner Hombrew Club

Table 17: 17 Strong British Ales (10 entries)

1stBeth Schwartz MHPForgotten Lore17B: Old AleMiddlesex Malters
2ndFritz Schanz MHPStearman's English Barleywine17D: English Barley WineDenton County Homebrewers Guild
3rdTimothy RibantCeltic Spirit British Strong Ale17A: British Strong AleRiver Runners

Table 18: 18 Pale American Ale (12 entries)

1stJosh WordAmerican Pale Ale18B: American Pale AleBay Area Mashtronauts
2ndMichael Lavorgna MHPKokua18B: American Pale AleBrew Haven
3rdJohn ColoeUAP - Unidentified American Pale18B: American Pale AleSaratoga Thoroughbrews

Table 19: 19 American Amber and Brown (14 entries)

1stMichael RaineyAmerican Brown Ale19C: American Brown Ale
2ndAndy Cox MHPKentucky Common27A2: Kentucky CommonUnderground Brewers of Connecticut
3rdBill Boyer MHPJustified!27A2: Kentucky CommonNorth Georgia Malt Monkeys
HMDavid KimballRusty Whiskers Amber Ale19A: American Amber AleBrew Haven

Table 20: 20 American Porter and Stout (11 entries)

1stMark Rose MHPTag Along Porter20A: American PorterThe Brü Club
2ndPaul ZoccoIMPERIAL STOUT20C: Imperial StoutHop River Brewers
3rdJoel McGormleyMack's Night Out20B: American Stout
HMTimothy Pratt MHPLush20B: American StoutBrew Haven

Table 21: 21 American IPA - Standard and Hazy (19 entries)

1stMike & Stephanie Butler MHPCome Back With A Warrant21C: Hazy IPAKansas City Bier Meisters
2ndRoss Stuart MHPAmerican IPA21A: American IPAArizona Society of Homebrewers
3rdFernando Garcia-PoliteEat Your Hops21C: Hazy IPABoston Wort Processors

Table 22: 22 American IPA - Specialty (11 entries)

1stByron Bird MHPCascadian IPA21B2: Black IPA
2ndRoss Stuart MHPHazy Pale Ale21B: Specialty IPA Arizona Society of Homebrewers
3rdJeff PerryDry Eye21B7: Brut IPA

Table 23: 23 Strong American Ale (10 entries)

1stMichael Rensing MHP#meanbrews Thanks Matt22B: American Strong AleCider, Homebrew, And Mead Production Specialists (CHAMPS)
2ndSamuel PersichilliSixth Anniversary IPA22A: Double IPAUltra Rare Brewers
3rdMike KennedyWheatwine22D: Wheatwine

Table 24: 24 European Sours (9 entries)

1stJeremiah Baer MHPPrismo23G: GoseCider, Homebrew, And Mead Production Specialists (CHAMPS)
2ndStephen Schmitt MHPYoung And Old23E: GueuzeEvanston Homebrew Club
3rdJonathan Rollins MHPNectarine Daydreams23F: Fruit Lambic Cap and Hare Homebrew Club

Table 25: Specialty Ciders - Fruit Ciders (9 entries)

1stBill Boyer MHPFruit Du Dragon RoseC2B: Cider with Other Fruit North Georgia Malt Monkeys
2ndJeff PerryUL100-4C2B: Cider with Other Fruit
3rdMike KennedyPeach Passionfruit CiderC2B: Cider with Other Fruit
HMSean DooleyRichard Per-SimmonsC2B: Cider with Other Fruit Merrimack Valley Homebrew Club

Table 26: 26 Belgian and Strong Belgian Ale (9 entries)

1stMatthew Johnsen MHP
Co-Brewer: James Allen
My Buddy And Me!25A: Belgian Blond AleRock Hoppers Brew Club
2ndJ W U Students
Co-Brewer: Garrett Stephen And Celia Kinneary
Olde Hearth & Honey25B: Saison JbreW
3rdDavid PetersenTangent #225B: Saison

Table 27: 27 Monastic Ale (18 entries)

1stNicholas GrinerBDSM26D: Belgian Dark Strong AleMerrimack Valley Homebrew Club
2ndThomas McGloine MHPGoebelbrau Tripel26C: Belgian TripelSaratoga Thoroughbrews
3rdPaul ZoccoBELGIAN STRONG DARK26D: Belgian Dark Strong AleHop River Brewers

Table 28: 28 American Wild and Sour (11 entries)

1stJonathan Rollins MHPLittle Ghost28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer Cap and Hare Homebrew Club
2ndJlooch LucianiNerdy Goose28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer
3rdFritz Schanz MHPStearman's Straight Sour Beer28D: Straight Sour BeerDenton County Homebrewers Guild
4thTom Slonaker65 Brett Ale28A: Brett Beer Merrimack Valley Homebrew Club

Table 29: 29 Fruit Beer (14 entries)

1stFernando Garcia-PoliteSour Bump29A: Fruit Beer Boston Wort Processors
2ndTravis Cherry MHPBersaglieriLSX3: Italian Grape Ale Bay Area Mashtronauts
3rdRobert Dugan MHPJenkem Juice29A: Fruit Beer The Brü Club

Table 30: 30 Spiced Beer (20 entries)

1stRobert Dugan MHPTruffle Butter Version 230A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer The Brü Club
2ndKyle Ernsberger MHPPB Stout30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
3rdNate Cicoria
Co-Brewer: Joe Devanna
Dirty Blonde30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Merrimack Valley Homebrew Club

Table 31: 31 Smoked & Wood Aged Beers (12 entries)

1stEric IsenbergSmoke In The Foeder32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer Rhode Island Fermentation Technicians (RIFT)
2ndRicky AlexanderA Battlecry Gone Sour33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer East Bay Homebrew Club
3rdJoel McGormleyApple Baller33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
HMLen ModelewskiBig Papa33A: Wood-Aged Beer Salt City Brew Club

Table 32: 32 Specialty Beer (24 entries)

1stFritz Schanz MHPStearman's Black Barleywine34C: Experimental Beer Denton County Homebrewers Guild
2ndBeth Schwartz MHPFather Is Home For Christmas34B: Mixed-Style Beer Middlesex Malters
3rdJ W U Students
Co-Brewer: Garrett Stephen And Celia Kinneary
Power Pose34C: Experimental Beer JbreW

Table 33: 33 Standard Cider and Perry (11 entries)

1stDaniel Kukuk MHPLe VoyageurC1C: French CiderMotor City Mashers
2ndEmersen Heron MHPZombie CatC1A: New World CiderRed Earth Brewers
2ndSean DooleyHow Do You Like Them Apples!?C1A: New World CiderMerrimack Valley Homebrew Club
3rdRobert Dugan MHPDickens CiderC1A: New World CiderThe Brü Club

Table 34: 34 Specialty Cider and Perry (16 entries)

1stKevin Wojdak MHPCool Runnings '22 ...Nice Recovery!C2D: Ice Cider Urban Knaves of Grain
2ndEmersen Heron MHPSoullessC2E: Cider with Herbs/Spices Red Earth Brewers
3rdFrancois EspourteilleIce Cider 2033 BarrelC2D: Ice Cider South Shore Brew Club
HMAaron PigorsTinkerman's SpiceC2E: Cider with Herbs/Spices Illiana Beer Rackers Union (IBRU)

Table 35: 35 Traditional Mead (9 entries)

1stBill Boyer MHPBook Of Armaments 2024M1B: Semi-Sweet MeadNorth Georgia Malt Monkeys
2ndGarrett Freeman MHPSweet Clover Traditional MeadM1C: Sweet MeadRed Earth Brewers
3rdGarrett Freeman MHPLehua Are You Talking To?M1B: Semi-Sweet MeadRed Earth Brewers

Table 36: 36 Fruit Meads (12 entries)

1stBill Boyer MHPSwamp Castle - PetillantM2B: PymentNorth Georgia Malt Monkeys
2ndNicholas GrinerRizzberryM2E: Melomel Merrimack Valley Homebrew Club
3rdGarrett Freeman MHPCab Sav PymentM2B: PymentRed Earth Brewers

Table 37: 37 Spiced Mead (11 entries)

1stDavid PageGinger Lemon MeadM3A: Fruit and Spice Mead
2ndBill Boyer MHPKiller Rabbit Of Caerbannog 2022M3A: Fruit and Spice Mead North Georgia Malt Monkeys
2ndKevin VidourekCherry Maraschino Dark Chocolate MeadM3B: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Mead Butler County Brewing Society
3rdJames SafferSpiced Fruit CakeM3A: Fruit and Spice Mead

Table 38: 38 Specialty Mead (11 entries)

1stBill Boyer MHPI Heard Nathan Steigman Likes Polish MeadsM4B: Historical Mead North Georgia Malt Monkeys
2ndMichael Rensing MHPBurnt's BeesM4C: Experimental Mead Cider, Homebrew, And Mead Production Specialists (CHAMPS)
3rdGarrett Freeman MHPBanana Cream Pie MeadM4C: Experimental Mead Red Earth Brewers
HMBill Boyer MHPHoney BrownM4A: BraggotNorth Georgia Malt Monkeys